Our government are snakes

Not many people know about agenda 21 this is known as an action plan. This was planned by the United Nations aka the government. This is a plan to depopulate the United States.
– providing adequate shelter meaning concentration camps for the unworthy meaning the elderly, poor, and disabled. These people will be left for dead.
The government had a secret meeting about the agenda 21 in Rio so not many Americans to know about this.
Why do you think we have to pay taxes all this money goes to the government they are slowly but surly taking your money you earned.
Why do you have to qualify for welfare when there are many people who need it and they are giving it to those who don’t. This will be taken away. No more unemployment, food stamps, etc.
Do people realize the government are the ones who put HIV and AIDS out there. This recent outbreak of Ebola was on purpose this was to kill off some of the Americans put out there by the government.
Why are all healthy foods expensive but not the junk food that can cause diabetes which can result in death.
America we need to realize what our government is doing open your eyes open your mind. Pay attention.